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The website Blepharospasm Australia   is  not connected to any medical facility or medical practitioner. All contributors to the site are volunteers with expertise in various fields of endeavour excluding the medical profession.

Website content is provided only to inform patients and general enquirers about Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB) and should in no way replace information from medical practitioners.

Lyn Smith is Website Editor responsible for the website and its content with the exception of Case Histories which are supplied by members and published anonymously.

Users of the website must at all times behave with respect and honesty.

Users filling in registration forms should make sure that the information they choose to share should be accurate to the best of their ability. Please read our Privacy Policy before submitting forms.

Users can choose whether to allow contact via email by people in their own state enquiring about BEB.

Our website does not host any form of advertising.

Blepharospasm Australia Inc. is run entirely by volunteers.  Essential expenses are covered by donations from the members, the general public and from generous corporations,  none of which has any bearing on the editorial content of the website.

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