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Research indicates that some sufferers of blepharospasm benefit from spectacles with a special tint called FL-41. It comes in different intensities and there are a number of companies that can make them. Not all opticians will have heard of FL-41 but you can tell them that there at least two in Australia. Both these companies are able to supply the FL-41 lenses to your optician.

1 – Zeiss, a major multinational company

2 – Eingefasst – in Western Australia

Eingefasst Specialty Fitting
Director & Technician – Andrea Dettinger
Unit 2/171 Beechboro Road South
Phone 0400 768 257
Email – andrea@eingefasst.com.au

Eingefasst is happy to be contacted if you would like more information about the FL-41 glasses.

In Western Australia you can also get the glasses from the SpecSavers store in Garden City. Email: Booragoon SpecSavers.
Our chairman, John Yeudall, recently had some sunglasses made there with FL-41 tinted lenses supplied by Zeiss. If it’s convenient for you to go there at least they should know what you are talking about. The owner is Jason Appleby who was most helpful.

Further information on FL-41 lenses can be found on the following US website: https://www.axonoptics.com/ – Axon has 15 years of clinical experience with migraine, blepharospasm, and other light sensitive conditions