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How to use the website

If you click on the icon on the top right-hand corner of the page it will reveal a list of Accessibility Tools. Here you can increase or decrease the size of the text and make other changes to give you a better experience while using the website. To return to the initial settings, just click on Reset.

The main sections of the website are listed in the main navigation menu which can be found at the top of each page. These main sections contain links to their sub-pages.

The Our Organisation section describes our history, our Board,   our activities and events.

The Medical Treatment section has a drop down list of  doctors who treat Blepharospasm in each State – this list is not exhaustive and we welcome additions to the list.

The Support section has a drop down  list of links to support groups or persons in each State if we know of any.

The Managing BEB section contains benefical aids for sufferer, case histories, articles on aspects of BEB and  links to other useful  information.

The FAQ page covers some of the basic questions about BEB.

Use the Register page to register on the website and the Contact Us page if you need to contact us.

There are also pages setting out our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Editorial Policy as well as links on the Home page to FL-41 glasses and a gallery of photos of social events.

If you have difficulty in finding what you are looking for, the Sitemap page contains a list of every page on the website.

You could also do a Search of the website by using the SEARCH box on the Home page

The green text (often underlined) on the site indicates a clickable link to take you to the relevant page. If a link takes you away from the website, use your Browser’s BACK button to return to Blepharospasm Australia –

You can print sections of the website by clicking on the green Print  button located at the bottom right of each page.  You will be able to delete sections you don’t need to print. You can turn a page into a PDF if you wish to download a page to save on your computer.

Contact Webmaster for any errors or questions.

website feedback


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