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FL41 is a neurological filter, applied as a form of tint to spectacle lenses.

Research, aided by funding from the Benign Essential Blepharospasm Research Foundation, found that blepharospasm patients suffer from light sensitivity, and indicates that some sufferers of blepharospasm benefit from spectacles with a special tint called FL-41. It comes in different intensities and there are a number of companies that can make them. Not all opticians will have heard of FL-41 but you can tell them that there at least two in Australia. Both These companies are able to supply the FL-41 lenses to your optician.

1 – Zeiss, a major multinational company

Zeiss is a wholesale company only – FL41 lenses are supplied via an optometrist only.

2 – Eingefasst – in Western Australia

Eingefasst Specialty Fitting
Director & Technician – Andrea Dettinger
U/4 324 Orrong Road, Welshpool   WA  6106
Phone 0400 768 257
Email – andrea@eingefasst.com.au

Eingefasst is happy to be contacted if you would like more information about the FL-41 glasses.

3 – Provision Eye Care

Provison Eye Care  Is the largest network of independent optometrists in Australia.  FL-41 lenses are supplied by CR Surfacing

4 – CR Surfacing

CR Surfacing  is an Australian optical lens manufacturer, located in Melbourne, Victoria – FL41 lenses are supplied via an optometrist only.

5 – SpecSavers

Specsavers  Australia wide can provide the FL-41 tint to new glasses. Their FL-41 lenses are supplied by Zeiss.

6 – RX Safety is another known supplier of the FL-41tint – this is a wholesale lab only, supply of prescription lenses can only be made to optometrists only.  This company has an excellent ‘Fact Sheet’ on FL-41 tint

Fact Sheet

What the the FL-41 lenses looks like

The light example is about a 30% tint and the dark approx. 70% .


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