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Blepharospasm Australiabeb-logo-smallFL-41 TINTED LENSES

Research indicates that some sufferers of blepharospasm benefit from spectacles with a special tint called FL-41. It comes in different intensities and there are a number of companies that can make them. Not all opticians will have heard of FL-41 but we have sourced two options. These companies are able to supply the FL-41 lenses to your optician.  There is also a  link to an optometrist website where you can search for an optometrist in your locality who can supply them.

You can print this page and take it to your optician. If we hear of any more we will add them to the website. Please let us know how you go in getting the tinting.

1 – Zeiss, a major multinational company

2 – Eingefasst – in Western Australia

Specialty Fitting
Director & Technician – Andrea Dettinger
Unit 2/171 Beechboro Road South
Phone 0400 768 257
Email –

3 – ProVision Eye Care
Find an Optometrist

If your local community does not have a member optometrist, try using a broader search term such as the capital city in your state and a longer-distance km  figure. Note that this will only find optometrists who belong to the ProVision group.

Blepharospasm Australia:

Last Updated on 08/11/2021