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is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of sufferers of BEB.
Essential expenses are covered by donations from the local members, the public and from generous corporations.


We are pedantic about our record keeping and each year our accounts are audited by a professional accountant.
We would like to thank Mr Colin Beck for his generous pro bono services in carrying out this task.


We do not offer medical advice and users should seek this from their medical professional. The information on this site is for informational purposes only and  is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.   Please read  our DISCLAIMER page.


This website  for Blepharospasm Australia Inc. is  designed to provide information on Benign Essential Blepharospasm in Australia. We began as the BEB Western Australian Support Group Inc., a non-profit organisation for the support of people suffering BEB. Although located in the West, we have contacts throughout Australia.

This website is very much a work in progress as we seek to bring together all sufferers of BEB throughout Australia and to provide information for those seeking more understanding of the condition and the availability of support and treatment.

We have contacts in most States. You can become a website member by filling in the registration form which you can find on the Register page. There is no cost.

Some of our members are happy to  be contacted  to answer your questions and to share their own experiences.  If you would like to do to this, please select Yes in answer   to the Contact question  on the registration  form.


Visit our Support pages to find help in your own State. You can help us in this endeavour by registering your interest and letting us know if you have any support in your State. If there is no support group in your State, you may be interested in starting one.


Visit our Medical Treatment pages to see the various options available. As well as the main treatment options we have information on Beneficial Aids that our members find helpful. We  have lists of treating doctors – not a complete list as yet but this  will be extended when information comes to hand. This information is important, not only for you to be able to locate a doctor in your State but also when travelling   as you can ask your local doctor to arrange for you to be treated interstate. This is another area where we would be grateful for any information – you may be able to let us know of any treating doctors in your area. The registration form has an option for you to provide the name of your own ophthalmologist or treating doctor.  Although this is optional, we would appreciate it if you would fill this in as it helps us provide a more useful  list of doctors who treat blepharospasm.


It is somewhat easier to obtain a diagnosis these days than it was in years gone by. Our Case Histories detail the experiences of some of our members. We would love to hear from more of our members as these stories are very useful, showing as they do the different symptoms and experiences that members have gone through. You can use the Contact form to get in touch with us.


Answers to some common questions about BEB can be found on our FAQ page.


In the interests of making our website more accessible it was decided in 2018 to opt for the easier-to-remember URL  www.beb.org.au.

You can contact us via the Contact Us form and register your interest as a website member via our Registration form.


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