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We have begun the process of contacting doctors throughout Australia to make them aware of BEB so that the period before a patient is diagnosed with BEB can be shortened.

We have  written to specialists we know treat BEB  and enclosed 10 of our  brochures  and asked them to hand them to their patients  so that they can register with  us.  We also asked them to let us know if they know of any other doctors treating BEB.

We have also written to GP’s in Western Australia enclosing a brochure so they become familiar with the condition,  as GP’s are one of the first ports of call for patients experiencing problems  with their eyes.  This was made possible  by a grant from ConnectGroups in Western Australia.  ConnectGroups promotes the philosophy and practice of peer support fostering empowerment among Self Help and Support Groups which  allows people dealing with stressful life problems and situations to share their experiences and to offer emotional and practical support to one another.