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2017 saw some major change in our website to make it more user friendly. A new Gallery page was added and this included a gallery of photos from our end of year lunch and of course the video of the event.

It also contains links to our BEB songbook and videos from the BEBRF Conference. The BEBRF Conference videos are well worth watching if you haven’t already seen them. There is one that compares the three botulinum toxin products available.

More fields were added to the Registration form asking for the name of the treating doctor and what form of treatment is used. New doctors names are added to the database.

The databases continue to grow. Our Health Professionals Database was expanded thanks to Oliver Yeudall who added 300 GP’s from the Independent Practitioners’ Network. This database was used to send a letter and brochure to the 300 GPs as John has mentioned in his report.

It is of great importance for us to build up databases of not only GP’s but also specialists such as ophthalmologists, neurologists and other specialities concerned with BEB. both here and throughout Australia. These can be very expensive to purchase and we are looking into the availability and costs involved on a number of options. This could very well be the subject of a grant application later in the year.

An online version of the Newsletter has been added to the website. This edition removes a lot of the references to WA as our members receive either a printed version or an email version which contains information relevant to our State.

Website registration details are entered into our Member’s Database. They are then forwarded to our Member Liaison, Nola. Since taking on this task Nola has dealt with 33 registrations with only 6 from WA. This is a bit disappointing. Hopefully our mailouts will produce a few more.

One major change to our website is the changing of our URL – our website address – to This will be much easier to pronounce when we are talking to people who have never heard of blepharospasm and also easier to type! Links from our old address are in place so we can be reached regardless of what address people use but everyone is encouraged to change their bookmarks to the new address. We are ever conscious of being able to be located by people using search engines such as Google and Google is rather particular about URLs so the more we use our new address the better it will be for our rankings. So please change your bookmarks to

Another project for 2018 is to add a page with alternative BEB treatments which seem to work for some people. These occasionally come to our notice so we will endeavor to outline them on the website – of course as with all the information on the site it is for informational purposes only and people should consult their own medical practitioner for advice.

One of the conditions of some grants is that they require us to measure the success of whatever programme we are working on. With our recent ConnectGroups grant, they want to see how our mailouts of the brochures they paid for are impacting on our organisation. Website statistics is one way we may be able to show this. A new statistics application was incorporated into the website in February 2018 which already is showing some interesting results.

The most important statistic is the number of unique visitors and also important is the number of pages visited. We can also see the actual pages visited so we can get an idea of what visitors are interested in on our site.

(The following statistics come from the actual website statistics and not the new application as it has only just been introduced.)


September 163 767

October 423 4,205

November 447 2,001

December 335 1,781


January 404 2,371

February 618 4,514

Comparing the figures for September and February show a marked increase in website use following the publication of the brochures which may or may not be co-incidental but is interesting nonetheless.

The new application is showing for February that the most visited pages are :

example week 7/2/2018 – 14/2/2018 the first 9 pages most visited

Home page 343
FAQ 30
Contact Us 23
Doctors in NSW 23
Beneficial Aids 21
About Us 15
Medical Treatment 14
Support 13
FL-41 13
Other pages that have been visited include all the Medical Treatment doctors pages in other states, case histories and upcoming events.

In coming months we will have a good idea of what our visitors are looking at and are hoping that the brochures will produce an increase in the number of registrations.

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