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Website registrations and databases

Registrations of new website members  numbered  17 for 2019 and are handled by our Member Liaison, Nola.  Once again it appears that our comprehensive coverage of BEB information  satisfies many users and only those requiring further help  bother to get in touch with us. 

Our Newsletter continues to be printed and posted to those members who do not have the Internet.  It is emailed to online  members and a slightly different version  is added to the website.

In 2019 the costs of the Newsletter were included in our ConnectGroups grant.

The Members  and Health Professionals databases are updated frequently as information comes to hand.

Members Database

           2019          2018
WA  72  70

Health Professionals Database

          2019        2018
WA  20  21

New doctors names harvested from our new registrations are added to the database.

We continue to be accredited with the Health on the Net Foundation which shows that the information on our website is trustworthy.


The number of visits to our website has jumped from 21, 125 in 2018 to  26,601 in 2019.

The majority of our visitors are from Australia and the US.

Main pages viewed are:


Required reports are up to date with the Associations Branch WA and the


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Last Updated on 06/03/2020