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2019 was again a busy year for me.  We had 17 new Registrations in 2019 comprising WA 4, NSW 8, QLD 4 and Tasmania 1.  Of note there are no new registrations for 2020 to date.

Throughout the year there were a number of general enquiries, from non-members, via the website; initial response is to ask an Australian enquirer to register, some follow through others don’t bother.  I also responded to enquiries from India and Germany.  Phone contact is made with all new Member registrations and the FL-41 lenses were loaned to 3 new inter-state members.


  • ‘Putting BEB on the map was published in Insight (a widely distributed magazine to Ophthalmologists, Orthoptists and Optometrists); this was published in February 2019.
  • An article was published in the April / May edition of Active Retirees (Probus magazine).

In 2019 I researched and collected the details of an extra 1,000 doctors for our GP Data Base; the printing and enveloping for this mail-out was done by Federal Member for Tangney Ben Morton’s staff and in August 2019 John, Annette and myself completed the mail out of 989 brochures to these GP’s. 

Again in 2019 we were granted a ‘charity’ stand at two Healthed training days in Perth in August and November.  These proved to be a great arena to talk to GP’s with more than 70 one-on-one contacts over the 2 days.

In April 2019 John Yeudall and I met up with Steve Bradley, our NSW contact during his visit to Western Australia.  Steve will be back in WA in March this year, so hopefully we will be able to catch up with him.

In November contact via email/phone was made with WA Members inviting them to the end-of-year function.  The function was a great success.

President John arranged for 3 new pairs of FL41 fit-over glasses to be made, 1 pair is currently out on loan.

In December a round-robin was sent to all Members with an email address to inform them of what had been happening during 2019; a few responded.

During 2019 I exchanged more than 100 emails and made many phone calls.

All in all I think we have progressed this year; my thanks to the other Board Members for their input and assistance throughout the year.

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Last Updated on 06/03/2020