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Deputy-Chairman Kevin Skipworth welcomed members and supporters at 12.05pm.

Present: Kevin Skipworth, Nola Pense, Annette Clarkson,  Lyn Smith, Sylvia Baker, Judy Cribb, Rob Douglas, Jan Henderson, Bob Henderson, Janina Jenkins, Sue Koepke, Eunice Pyper, Tricia Turner, Anne Crouch, Anne Eva and Lesley Reynolds.

 Apologies:  John Yeudall , George Rodrigues, Richard Cheah, Delys Kilpatrick, David Richardson, Joan Ashworth and Margaret Carpenter.

The Deputy-Chairman  suspended the AGM temporarily to allow for the time constraints of  the Guest Speaker.

He then introduced Darrell Baker, National President of Optometry Australia who gave a well-received talk on the state of optometry in Australia today with  an insight into the future.  It was a very interactive presentation with members participating in the discussion.  The Deputy-Chairman thanked Darrell for his talk and presented  him with a bottle of wine.

Minutes of the previous AGM  – having been previously circulated were taken as read and accepted unanimously.     Jan/Nola          

Business arising from the Minutes: Nil

Chairman’s Report  

            The Deputy-Chairman explained  the reasons for the absence of the Chairman (who was recovering from  a recent operation)  and noted his appreciation of the work done by the Board.

He then read the Chairman’s Report (attached) and it was unanimously accepted. Lesley/Anne

Treasurer’s Report :  The treasurer reported on the financial activities of the organisation  together with the

Auditor’s Report

The report was tabled and unanimously accepted by members. Annette/Sue

Member Liaison Report:

Nola presented  her report as Member Liaison.

Community Liaison Report

Annette presented her report  as Community Liaison.

IT Report

Lyn presented her report on IT activities.

Election of Board  and Office Bearers:

The following members  nominated:

Chairman: John Yeudall

Vice-Chairman: Kevin Skipworth

Secretary: Lyn Smith

Treasurer: Lyn Smith

General Board: Nola Pense,- Member Liaison and    Annette Clarkson- Community Liaison

There being no other expressions of interest or nominations, the  above members  were unanimously elected.   Jan/Lesley

Any other AGM business

The Deputy-Chairman noted that votes of thanks were due to

            Colin Beck  for auditing our books on a pro bono basis

            Ben Morton, MP  for his office printing and posting our Newsletter and also for his assistance  in allowing his office to be used by  the Board for mail-outs

            John  for his excellent choice of speaker  in Darrell Baker

            Darrell Baker  for his donation of three pairs of FL-41 glasses

            Members for their generous donations  to  help with  catering at meetings

Sue moved a vote of thanks  for the November Seminar  organisation and in particular the decorated bags with little gifts  prepared by Annette.

Close of meeting: the meeting closed at 1.45pm.

Last Updated on 06/03/2020